The Philosopher’s Stone seeks to develop musical talents in a cozy and safe environment. We are a group of musicians who, in collaboration with Storms Pakhus Odense, offers artists of all skill levels an opportunity to share performances with like-minded individuals to develop artistically in our own unique ways.

Over time, we strive to turn The Philosopher’s Stone into a larger group of ambitious musicians with the goal of spreading creativity and pave the way for artists to share their expression. Our vision for the future includes performing with this concept at venues and festivals around the country.

We look forward to inviting you in to magical evenings of musical gems and creative expression.




The Philosopher’s Stone hosts evenings with musical experimentation and exploration.

Every Thursday at Storms Pakhus, young, creative talents showcase their diamond-in-the-rough repertoire. The setup is as acoustic as can be to keep the events as homely and intimate as possible.

The Philosopher’s Stone aspires to give musicians an endless space for testing out creativity and expression while giving the audience an unique insight into this process.

Are you interested in following the evolution of young talent in a warm and captivating environment? Find us at Storms Pakhus every Thursday 7:30 pm and support the up-and-comers of the danish music scene.


The 3 levels

As a member of The Philosopher’s Stone you have an opportunity to expand your artistic abilities and perform your songs before an engaged audience.

Application for membership is done through and online form in which you briefly describe your musical repertoire and skill level. 
Membership is not required to perform on stage.
Members get first priority to the stage.

Do you want to be a part of The Philosopher’s Stone, go your own creative way, and be the best musician you can be? 

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